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Hey!! I am Ryann. I am 18 years old. I am new here.. I also in anorexicqueen. I think is community will have a lot of support so I wanted to join.

Well, right now I am eating a salad. I am upset for eating this, but I am telling myself it is okay cause I am going to the gym for like two hours later.

Well, that's all for now.
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New to this Community


I thought i better introduce my self as i am new to this community. my name is Vikki, i am 20years old i live in Kent (UK).
i havent ever been diagnosed by a doctor partly because my rents never dragged me there cos they gen didnt care when i was growing up and now i live on my own.  i used to be seriously overwieght and got bullied for it so i thought if i lost wieght a bit of wieght they would stop but i became almost addicted to it, i need to be thin i used to look at girls (when i was overwieght) and wish to be them but never tried that hard to lose then it was like something click and since then i have just lost and lost. when i was at my lowest i met a my ex b/f whose mum was ana he got me eating again i guess he was my "recovery" and in that 6months i put on over 60lbs! bad i know, but now i am back on track and have been for a while partly the reason the ex left (the bimbo didnt help either tho). i will never know my lowest wieght prop as my ex took my scales away before i got there but i know i was down under the 110's.  thought i should explain myself as i have never been diagnosed.
cw - 164 lbs ( i lost 9lbs last week!!!)
lw - explained above 
height: 6ft

if anyone wants to add me feel free. 

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ok sooo this night was going ok until i started drinking but it wasnt that much and we went to our friends house ( be and my b/f) and everything started from there i felt bad b/c their cat was dying and it just like hit me for some reason he couldnt move or anything and then me and my b/f just started getting into it for personal reasons it was reallt hard and i cried all the way driving home....and when i came home i binged a bit and then purged EVERYTHING but he ran me a bath so i felt a little better i guess...i managed to loose some weight though  so thats good i guess all the fucking purging and working out ive been doing is paying off but i just felt like i was DYING TONIGHT SERIOUSLY! ive been sooo fucking depressed and feel so damn ALONE!! i just wanted to run into a side rail but i very well couldnt say that with my b/f in the car i feel like i have NOONE and that noone really answers my posts....anyways gotta go...
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Hey ladies! I joined yesterday/day before yesterday, and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Heather. I read about this community in another community (apparently there was drama...save the drama for Lifetime!). I'm 24, I live in VA. I'm a single mom of 2 amazing little girls, one of which decided to kill my metabolism, lol. I think I'm getting it back though. Anyway, here are my stats:

H: 5'1
HW: 189.9
CW: 179.8
LW: 115 (Summer of 2003 after I had my oldest)

STG: 160 (hopefully by mid November)
LTG: 110 (hopefully by next summer)
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hey guys

Im yariz, 16 years old. Ive had anorexia for about 2 years now. Ive joined another communities but  theres too much drama. I come here to give/receive support. Hope you guys are doing great! :)
BTW, this is my 7th day of fasting ^^

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Ok so my fast starts today! Im soooo excited i have fasting buddies so that should make it easier. I need to have lots of willpower today cause i have work from 10:30 to 7 and guess where i work......in a grocery store!!!!!! Agg. But i will not eat, ill just use every fat person in there as thinspo. Wish me luck! Ill post tonight!
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I'm New!!!

Hey  everyone my name is Victoria, i'm 18 yrs old and i'm new to the community (like everyone else..lol)! Umm i've suffered from bulimia for the past 4 years on and off, though i would consider myself currently as EDNOS. I've been struggling with my weight since i can remember and as of now i feel like i'm losing the battle, but i plan to win the war. I'm 5'4 and as of 8/30/07 i weigh 168lbs, i'm not sure if it has changed or not, i'm reluctant to get on a scale. My goal is to get down to 125lbs by the end of the year. Before i became bulimic i wouldn't really care what i ate but once i became bulimic i was very self-conscious of what i ate and how much i ate. My highest weight was 191lbs and my lowest weight was about 165lbs. It's like i've hit a plateau or somthing.  I plan to start a long-term fast on Sunday and will go through next Saturday, then i will rehydrate and start again next Sunday if all goes well. I start college in January and refuse to go there overweight. Well that's it for now, i'm sure i'll post soon.