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ok sooo this night was going ok until i started drinking but it wasnt that much and we went to our friends house ( be and my b/f) and everything started from there i felt bad b/c their cat was dying and it just like hit me for some reason he couldnt move or anything and then me and my b/f just started getting into it for personal reasons it was reallt hard and i cried all the way driving home....and when i came home i binged a bit and then purged EVERYTHING but he ran me a bath so i felt a little better i guess...i managed to loose some weight though  so thats good i guess all the fucking purging and working out ive been doing is paying off but i just felt like i was DYING TONIGHT SERIOUSLY! ive been sooo fucking depressed and feel so damn ALONE!! i just wanted to run into a side rail but i very well couldnt say that with my b/f in the car i feel like i have NOONE and that noone really answers my posts....anyways gotta go...
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