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New to this Community


I thought i better introduce my self as i am new to this community. my name is Vikki, i am 20years old i live in Kent (UK).
i havent ever been diagnosed by a doctor partly because my rents never dragged me there cos they gen didnt care when i was growing up and now i live on my own.  i used to be seriously overwieght and got bullied for it so i thought if i lost wieght a bit of wieght they would stop but i became almost addicted to it, i need to be thin i used to look at girls (when i was overwieght) and wish to be them but never tried that hard to lose then it was like something click and since then i have just lost and lost. when i was at my lowest i met a my ex b/f whose mum was ana he got me eating again i guess he was my "recovery" and in that 6months i put on over 60lbs! bad i know, but now i am back on track and have been for a while partly the reason the ex left (the bimbo didnt help either tho). i will never know my lowest wieght prop as my ex took my scales away before i got there but i know i was down under the 110's.  thought i should explain myself as i have never been diagnosed.
cw - 164 lbs ( i lost 9lbs last week!!!)
lw - explained above 
height: 6ft

if anyone wants to add me feel free. 

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